Esther in New York City

Last week Esther went to New York City to attend the International Fine Print Dealers Association Fair.

While in NYC, Esther visited the The Frick Collection exhibition Vermeer, Rembrandt, and Hals: Masterpieces of Dutch Painting from the Mauritshuis. Check it out here!


Esther, a fan of the novel Girl with a Pearl Earring, poses outside of the exhibition.  

Inside the gallery, Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring is the sole work on view in the Oval Room with the other paintings shown together in the East Gallery. To accompany the exhibition, three works by Vermeer in the permanent collection, Officer and Laughing Girl  (c.  1657), Girl Interrupted at Her Music (c. 1658–59), and Mistress and Maid (c. 1666–67), are grouped together in the West Gallery.


Esther also stopped by the Park Avenue Armoury where she purchased this set of horses by Julian Opie. The show was a hit, and the entire edition was sold out by the end of the night!


Esther’s next stop was at The Jewish Museum. Their current exhibition, Chagall: Love, War, and Exile, explores a significant period in the artist’s career from the rise of fascism in the 1930s through 1948. He spent many of these years in exile in New York City, greatly impacting the modernist scene in North America. Jesus and the Crucifixion was commonly used imagery in Chagall paintings during his time in New York. Chagall believed the Crucifixion was a symbol for all victims of persecution, a metaphor for the horrors of war, and an appeal to conscience that equated the martyrdom of Jesus with the suffering of the Jewish people and the Holocaust. Click here to read more!


The trip came to a close after Esther celebrated her nephew’s 50th birthday at a country club in Scarsdale. A fabulous ending to her week in New York City!

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