Esther Cohen Gallery

Bio: Esther Cohen has loved art all her life. So much so she created an art company. In 1976, Esther established Posters International - a Canadian company that grew into a worldwide success story. Respected by her colleagues and competitors alike, Esther was the first person in Canada to wholesale art posters, exporting these open editions worldwide. The company today continues to thrive with her sons Richie and Andrew now heading the helm. With the expansion of the company which includes a retail gallery, art studio and framing, Esther now concentrates on PI's investment gallery renamed The Esther Cohen Gallery. She draws on her many years of experience in the fine art world, instinctively knowing which artists to buy and which ones to sell. Along with good taste and a passion for art, The Esther Cohen Gallery has been Esther's lifelong dream, completing the work she started years ago. Over the 35 years Esther has been collecting fine art prints, she has been fortunate enough to visit great artists such as Andy Warhol, Alex Katz and Sam Francis in their homes and studios. The Esther Cohen Fine Art Gallery is a result of her years collecting and admiring these artists and their contemporaries. The distinctive collection includes limited edition graphics signed and numbered by renowned artists such as Alex Katz, Jim Dine, Robert Longo and Man Ray.

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